Carol Hamlett

Founder and Director, Carol Hamlett made MBE

We’ve had plenty to celebrate this January, as our Founder and Director, Carol Hamlett was made a Member of the British Empire for service to vulnerable people.

Following many years working in the homelessness sector, and frustrated about the way drug, alcohol and homelessness services were delivered, Carol left her job and alongside Donna McDonald and John Mayhew opened Transforming Choice in 2012. The trio went about designing service that would provide a safe space for people to be their authentic selves and address trauma, and deliver a truly person centred programme that would enable people to regain control over their lives, equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed to make positive choices.

Since opening the doors of Transforming Choice, over 600 people have accessed our alcohol detox and rehabilitation programme. Carol’s courage and bravery has undoubtedly saved many lives over the years.

Congratulations, Carol – from your colleagues and friends at Transforming Choice!

We are 10!

2022 marks Transforming Choice’s 10th birthday!

Back in 2012, Carol, Donna, John and a handful of volunteers, courageously overcame petitions and protests and opened the doors of Transforming Choice. Since then, our team have guided almost 400 people through alcohol detox and rehabilitation, attended 38 graduations, facilitated over 3,800 groups and classes and delivered over 11,000 one to one sessions.

To read more about our journey to 2022, read our 10 year celebration document below. Keep an eye on our news feed.

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Graduate Poem

Transforming Choice, that is their name

The changing of lives, that is their game


Regardless your poison, coke, ale or pot

They will give you a chance if you’ll take the shot (not that type of shot!)


We started off rocky, petty squabbles, that stupid cup thing,

But like Donna says ‘don’t get in the ring!’


Night shifts, often sleepless, always on call,

Turn off that bloody radio, I can hear it through the wall!


With patience and empathy they are always there,

Hard times just like us, they’ve has their fair share.


Abuse of all kinds gets aimed at their heads,

‘give us me effin phone’, ‘s**t, I’ve run out of meds’


So today is our day, a battle has been won

But please remain strong friends, the wars not quite done.


Our journey’s just started, the hard part begins here,

So for christ’s sake stay away from that beer!


In the story of rehabs, we’re but one tale,

But we’ve been given all the tools

and we shall not fail.


DM 2022