Residential Alcohol Detox and Rehabilitation

Alcohol detox and rehabilitation

We provide a 12-week alcohol detox and rehabilitation programme (5th July 2023, and 2nd October 2023). The first 5-10 days of the programme are dedicated to an alcohol withdrawal detox, this is followed by an 11 week rehabilitation programme consisting of groups, classes and one to one work.

Our detox and rehabilitation programme is rooted in the Person Centred Approach developed by Carl Rogers. We provide a safe, non-judgemental and empathic environment in which you can lead your own treatment plan and understand your own ability to self-heal.

Programme timetable WEEKS 2-11

Admission Day & Detox Week

Detox usually takes place over 5-7 days.

During this time you will be closely monitored and observed for 24 hours a day to ensure your safety. There is staff support available throughout the day and night to provide emotional support when required.

Weeks 2-12

Monday and Tuesday

Groups 9-4

Separate gender groups – males and females work in separate groups, exploring topics such as their motivation for going to rehab, and their own emotions.

Weeks 1-4

Activity Day – Wednesday

Activity Day

Groups work together to decide what they’d like to do or where they’d like to go.

Weeks 5-12

Personal Day

A day for you to attend appointments, go shopping or complete other tasks.

Weeks 2-12

Thursday and Friday

Classes 9-4

The whole group attends classes together where they learn about how addiction impacts your body, and how to overcome difficult cravings or triggers.

Weeks 2-12


Personal time, visits from friends and family.

Residents are able to go on overnight visits after week 6.

Frequently asked Questions

  • A tapered alcohol withdrawal gradually decreases the amount of alcohol you consume over a defined period, rather than replace the alcohol with a medication (such as Librium). The team will take into consideration the number of units you consume daily, your blood alcohol level on arrival and how long you’ve been drinking for before putting together your tailored alcohol reduction plan, which will take place over the first 5-10 days at Transforming Choice.
  • Your alcohol reduction plan will be supplemented by Pabrinex, a mixture of highly concentrated vitamins designed to support your body through the detox process.. Pabrinex is administered via injection by our nurse and is not compulsory although is encouraged.
  • You will have almost everything you need provided for you at Transforming Choice, including food and drinks. You will need to pack:
    • Clothes
    • Personal money
    • Toiletries
    • Towels
  • After the first two weeks, family visits are allowed between 2 and 5 pm on a Saturday and Sunday. Whilst covid still presents a risk, visits from family and friends will not be permitted on site. Residents and their visitors will be encouraged to go for short walks around the park, or go for tea or coffee locally. All residents will be breathalysed on their return to the building.
  • We ask all residents to leave their mobile phones in their locker in the office for the first four weeks of the programme, after which you will be able to use your phone after groups and classes have finished for the day, on activity days up until 8.30 or when you go home or to family over weekends. There is access to a residents phone for calls within the first four weeks for doctors or dentist appointments, emergencies and to make a call each day to friends or family.
  • The first four weeks of your time on the programme are crucial; phones and access to social media are outside distractions that can be detrimental to your recovery.
  • For the first six weeks of the programme, you will not go out alone, although you will be able to go to the shops or for walks with Transforming Choice staff and peer mentors.
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all provided for residents at Transforming Choice and we endeavour to cater for all religious, cultural or medical dietary requirements.