Who we are?

Transforming Choice offer a residential detox and rehabilitation service for people who have become alcohol dependent.

We provide a programme of person centred detox, rehabilitation and aftercare, complemented by specialist clinical support, enabling a holistic approach to recovery.

Our staff team consists of professional support workers and people with lived experience of alcohol misuse – those who have come through the other side successfully.

Our staff are committed to working with our clients rather than doing things for them, promoting independence throughout the programme and working to positively impact on thought processes, enabling clients to take control of their own actions and emotions.

Transforming Choice has:

beds in total

beds in total

are used for clients on the detox and rehabilitation programme.

are used for clients on the detox and rehabilitation programme.

are available on a short term basis for clients who require additional support following completion of the programme.

are available on a short term basis for clients who require additional support following completion of the programme.

Referrals are accepted from*:


*Clients wishing to access services must be alcohol dependant, drinking daily at dangerous levels and suffering from withdrawal symptoms when they don’t drink. All clients must be able to provide a letter from their GP declaring them medically fit enough for the programme, and recent (within 3 months) blood test results.

Our Fantastic Team

Founding Members

  • John Mayhew
    John Mayhew Founding Member

    John believed wholeheartedly in the person-centred approach and came out of retirement to devote his time to teaching the staff and the residents more about it. He was responsible for the delivery of the Psychology sessions and provided valuable one to one sessions to both the residents and the staff alike. John sadly passed away this year but his knowledge will live on in the delivery of the sessions.

  • Carol Hamlett
    Carol Hamlett Managing Director

    Carol is one of the founding members of the project and believes that for vulnerable people to make a change and become ambitious for themselves and their own independence, we must, as a society learn to adapt and give them back their own power. She passionately believes that systemic change and approach is as important for us; the work force, as it is for the people we work with.


    Donna is the driving energy of the internal operations at the project and devotes her time to ensuring the needs of both the residents and the staff are met personally and professionally. Pulling together the people and the approach under one roof. Nurturing and encouraging everybody in their personal and professional developments.


  • Dr. F Hargreaves
    Dr. F Hargreaves Board of Trustees
  • Peter Morris
    Peter Morris Board of Trustees

Staff Members


    Lynn is our friendly nurse and accompanies the clients through their first week of detox, she administers Pabrinex injections and monitors the clients alongside the staff during the withdrawals process.

    ELLEN WOODS Admin and Finance Manager

    Originally joined the project as a volunteer and peer coordinator.

Case Workers

  • Ann Jones
    Ann Jones Case Worker

    Anne is a jovial worker who has a nurturing character and a temperance to facilitate a suitable recovery plan to fit all individuals who reside with us.

  • Mick Ashton
    Mick Ashton Case Worker

    Mick is an easy going worker who works effectively to facilitate movement and growth for all residents in all areas of their recovery.

After Care Team

Once treatment has been completed the graduate will receive a 6 month intensive aftercare package designed to meet the needs of each individual, concentrating on the areas of life the clients are most vulnerable to. This includes, physical health, mental health, emotional health, education, housing and rebuilding family relationships.

Available with the aftercare service is a period of time spent in Transitional Housing here at the project. Part of the agreement of this is to engage with other services as part of your aftercare package. This part of the service provision has been implemented to enable individuals who need further support to regaining the life skills that will help facilitate their independence from services wherever possible.

  • Suelin Liu
    Suelin Liu Mutual Aid Support Worker

    Suelin is a delightful lady who is always happy to help each individual achieve independence in their recovery.

  • James Keenan
    James Keenan Mutual Aid Support Worker

    James was a graduate of the Transforming Choice program. He joined the Peer Mentors group and was offered a full-time employed position supporting others through the Peer Mentor training process.


    Tina works throughout the night providing support whenever necessary for anyone who needs it.


  • Roger Phillips
    Roger Phillips Patron

    Roger Phillips was born in Manchester, went to Cambridge University, arrived in Liverpool as an actor in the early 70s to join the Everyman Theatre – and fell in love with the city. He subsequently worked as a hackney cab driver, before falling by chance into local radio (BBC Radio Merseyside) in 1978, where he presents a daily phone-in programme.

    He’s an official Ambassador for the Guides Association, a patron of many organisations, including Sundowns (Supporting Understanding Needs of Downs Syndrome), the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation, and The Brain Charity; former board member of The Reader Organisation and the Liverpool Everyman and Playhouse Theatres; and a board member of Bradbury Fields (formerly the Liverpool Voluntary Society for the Blind).

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