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Transforming Choice provide a 12 week, detox and rehabilitation programme for people who have become dependent on alcohol. The programme combines a week long, alcohol based detox, followed by 11 weeks of rehabilitation designed to promote positive, physical and mental health and wellbeing alongside practical support.

The Transforming Choice Programme begins on the same day for all clients. This way, clients are able to support each other through each stage of their journey towards recovery.

Our clients find invaluable support in each other and develop friendships that support them beyond them length of the programme.

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Your Journey


Programme Timetable

Every activity in the Transforming Choice programme contains opportunities to learn and develop


Frequently Asked Questions


What will happen when I arrive at Transforming Choice?

When you arrive at Transforming Choice, you will be shown to your room by a staff member, with who you’ll unpack with. We unpack with you to make sure that there is no alcohol or drugs in your possession. Transforming Choice is a dry space, where drugs and alcohol are strictly prohibited.


You’ll be shown around the house and will have the opportunity to wash your clothes in the laundry room downstairs.


Once you have unpacked, staff will work with you to complete your admission paperwork, at which point you will be breathalysed and drug tested. These readings, along with your weight will be recorded and placed in your personal folder, all of your personal information is confidential and you can have access to your folder during key work sessions.


Once your paperwork has been completed, you are free to relax. One of the peer mentors will show you where you can find soft drinks, tea and coffee, they will also be able to answer any questions you have about the programme. We have designated smoking areas available to clients.

What to bring

What should I bring with me?

While on the Transforming Choice programme, you are provided with almost everything you’ll need during your stay, including breakfast, lunch and dinner and have access to a range of snacks, laundry equipment and detergent, a fully furnished bedroom, bathroom and kitchen facilities. We advise that you bring with you;
  1. Clothes
  2. Personal money
  3. Toiletries
  4. Towels

Alcohol Reduction Process

Alcohol reduction process

At Transforming Choice, we offer a ‘tapered’ alcohol reduction service rather than a benzodiazepine (Librium) based detox. We believe that after a period of dependency on alcohol, introducing another substance to the body can be harmful, and often makes the detox process more unpleasant than it needs to be. The Transforming Choice team have over ten years of experience of alcohol reduction and are able to tailor your reduction programme on an individual basis. Our alcohol reduction process offers a shorter recovery time than a Librium based detox, and our experience demonstrates longer term impacts. If you have any questions about the alcohol reduction process, please call us on 0151 727 5153.


The timing of your first drink will depend on the breathalyser reading that was taken by staff on your arrival. if your reading was high, you may have to wait until your blood alcohol levels have reduced before you are provided with any alcohol. If your reading was low, you will be given a bottle of alcohol mixture with enough units, specifically for you.


Your alcohol reduction programme will be supplemented with Pabrinex, a mixture of highly concentrated vitamins designed to support your body through the detox process. Pabrinex is administered via an injection and is not compulsory.


What support will I receive?

Within your first week at Transforming Choice you will be allocated a Key Worker. Although you can always speak to any member of staff, your key worker will be the person who will accompany you through the detox and rehab. They will support you to set your own goals and develop a plan with you to help you to achieve them.


Key work sessions are a vital part of the treatment process so you will need to ensure you do not miss any of your sessions. Your key worker will book your sessions in advance so you will know not to make any other appointments during those times.


You will also meet peer mentors when you begin your treatment programme at Transforming Choice. A peer mentor is a person who has already been through th treatment programme. They have learnt how to live without using drugs or alcohol and they have come back to us to support people who are starting their journey towards recovery. Peer mentors have been in your position and understand how you will be feeling, and are able to support you through the highs and lows of detox and rehabilitation.


Contact with my family and friends

After you’ve been at Transforming Choice for two weeks, you will be allowed to arrange visits from friends and family between 2 and 5pm on a Saturday and Sunday. You can have up to 4 visitors at a time. After you’ve completed 4 week of the treatment programme, you will be allowed to go for short walks around the park with your visitors. However, you will be breathalysed on your return.


The use of mobile phones is not permitted within the first two weeks of the programme, but you will have access to a payphone on site which can be used after the initial detox. The first two weeks of the programme are crucial to your recovery, and outside distractions can have adverse effects. Following completion of the first two weeks, you will be allowed to use your mobile phone between 6 and 9pm, on activity days and when you go out.

Going Out

Can I go out on my own?

You will not be allowed to go out on your own for the first 6 weeks of the treatment programme, although you will be able to go to the shops and for walks with Transforming Choice staff and peer mentors.


Wednesdays are designated activity days, you and your peers will choose where you’d like to go each week.

Financial Support

Financial support

Your key worker will support you to claim any benefits you are entitled to during your stay. No other financial support is available from Transforming Choice.

Food & Drink

Food & Drink

We have set meal times at Transforming Choice. You will have access to a range of breakfast options which you can prepare for yourself. Lunch and dinner will be prepared for you at 12.30 and 5.30 respectively. Please advise us of any dietary requirements on your first day.

Bed time

Bed time

Bed time will be no later than midnight Monday to Friday, you’ll be allowed an extra hour at weekends. Routine and sleep are crucial to your recovery.


What happens when the programme is over?

When you have completed your detox and 12 week rehabilitation programme at Transforming Choice, you will take part in your graduation ceremony. The graduation ceremony will be organised by you and your peers, and is an event to celebrate your achievement.


Prior to the end of the programme, you will have been working with your key worker and the aftercare team to establish a plan for when you come to leave Transforming Choice. This will include finding suitable accommodation, enrolling on training courses and/or applying for work.


The aftercare team will continue to support you for up to 6 months after you leave the centre.

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